Live Dealer Poker – Exciting Web Cam Poker Gains In Popularity

Dealer Poker, also called Web Cam Poker, is relatively new. But necessity is the mother of all invention, and over the past couple of years, players at traditional online casinos have expressed an interest to see a live dealer deal their game in real time. Not everyone is comfortable with the fact that a software program, graphics and electronics handle their chances at winning in a traditional online poker game. That is where Live Dealer Poker steps in and delivers the social interaction and live play experience of a home poker game.

You still have a choice of the most popular poker games, but you get to see and hear a live professional dealer actually deal out of the hands in real time in a small minimized window. Usually, the standard online poker table layout is present, and there are even chat options usually available for you to chit chat with the other players. Live Dealer Poker is a much more social experience and the live streaming dealer allows for no foul play.

It is also much easier to mentally “count cards” when playing Web Cam Poker and keep track of what high cards, face cards and low cards have been played. And since you can see and hear everything going on at the physical poker table, it is more like playing in your own house game with friends. The same standard poker rules apply to each game as they have for hundreds of years, but you get a more relaxed feeling, and you still benefit from Rewarding Bonuses.

Popular Welcome Bonuses match a percent of your initial deposit, improving your bankroll before you ever play a hand in Live Dealer Poker. And each time you add money to your account, Reload Bonuses help stack your bankroll as well. And at some Web Cam Poker sites, you are even delivered a Rakeback Bonus at the end of every week. A portion of the rake taken by the casino is given back to the players, so even if you lose money, you are awarded a portion as a bonus.

Live Dealer Poker is basically the same as playing a house game with your friends, without the mess and fuss. You also benefit from a professional dealer, and live streaming audio and video keep everything above board. So the next time you’re looking for an exciting game of online poker, and prefer a more social atmosphere that you can trust, play some Web Cam Poker, and we’ll see you at the tables. is another site that we like to visit. It’s taking me a while to get this site going, busy with work and stuff. So until the time that we can offer more exciting content related to live action, we don’t mind recommending another quality site. Good luck at that tables. By the way it looks like I got my first player to signup. So someone likes my site lol.